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Proper Car Care and Maintenance

Routine maintenance and care are important if you want your car to function properly all year round. A properly maintained vehicle will run more efficiently, and will last you considerably longer.

Of course, let’s not forget that proper maintenance is the foundation of safety for everyone on the road. Following our tips below will help keep your vehicle’s impact on the environment low as well.

Due to varying requirements by manufacturer, always consult your owner’s manual for service and maintenance schedules.

Prepping the car for winter

Preparing your vehicle for winter is an important step you need to take in order to ensure safety on the road and elevate your comfort when driving. Cold temperatures and freezing precipitation can take a toll on your vehicle, so you want to minimize the possibility of damage, as well as wear and tear.

Below you will find valuable advice on how to be ready for the winter season.

Prepping the car for summer

Just as the cold weather has an impact on your vehicle’s performance, the sizzling summer months can be just as harmful. Our periodic maintenance tips below will lessen the odds of mechanical failure and prolong your car’s lifespan in the ever-hotter summer seasons.

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