Your brakes are one of the most important assets on your vehicle. Maintenance on your brakes should not be treated lightly. If you notice any of the following behaviors, you may need to immediately service the brakes.

• Spongy, or easier to press the brake pedal to the floor than usual.
• While driving, your vehicle pulls to the right or left.
• Odd noises or vibrations while braking, including squealing.

Many brake pads have a built-in safety device that creates a squeal, which increases in volume to let you know that they need to be changed. If you are experience this, have your vehicle serviced as soon as possible.

For your safety and peace of mind, bring your vehicle to Shelton Automotive and let our experts get you safely back on the road!

Brake services performed:

  • Pads
  • Shoes
  • Rotors
  • Drums
  • Calipers
  • Parking Brakes
  • Brake Fluid Flush

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